With  Health Advantage,we provide comprehensive health services for schools to help the schools get closer to being a health promoting school.

The various services by health advantage are customised to be suited to different age groups.

The Main services by Health Advantage include:

  • Preventive General Health Check-ups
  • Dental Health
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Obesity
  • Body Mass Index
  • Mental Health
  • Regular Seminars and lectures about preventive health.
  • Workshops for reinforcing healthy habits.
  • Training of Teachers for identification of common disorders, injury prevention and first aid.
  • First Aid training to teachers and students
  • Basic Life support training
  • Setting up and maintenance of medical rooms in Schools.
  • Promoting health and fitness as a habit and providing a conducive environment to children.
  • Dietary and nutrition counselling
  • School cleanliness and safety counselling
  • Various activities to promote active participation of families and communities in health promotion.
  Advantages of  “Health Advantage
  • We provide school health services as our primary services with follow up and quality control.
  • Complete check-up following and Exceeding CBSE Guidelines.
  • Scientifically designed age appropriate health curriculum.
  • Instilling positive approach towards good health in students.
  • Electronic records to facilitate follow up.
  • Each student receives a health kit to promote healthy habits..
  • Streamlined Cost Effective Preventive health process adds to convenience to schools and parents.